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Sports Training

CROSSFIT MAUI’s programs are based on the latest research in the fields of sports and fitness. These training principles are being followed by High Schools, Universities, Professional Athletes, Military Forces, Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting Agencies around the world. These programs include a personalized nutritional program as well as a customized Sports Specific & or Fitness program to help you reach your sports & fitness goals.

CFM which uses the #1 Fitness & Nutritional Program in the Country has the MOST EXPERIENCED Sports Specific Training Coach for intermediate, high school and college athletes on Maui. Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs for an Athlete’s Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement.

INCREASES the 10 Recognized Fitness Domains: Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy

REDUCES: Excess Body Fat storage, Cholesterol, Blood pressure, while Lowering the Risk of Injury Potential

PROMOTES: Lean Muscle Tissue, Increased Bone Density, Functional Fitness and Athletic Performance

Our Programs are available to all ages and all fitness levels and taught in either Small Groups or in Private Sessions (Personal Training).

What differentiates CrossFit Maui’s Sports Training Program?

We prepare our athletes to be able to handle whatever adversity their respective sport may throw at them. We are truly trying to build the Perfect Athlete by improving all of the qualities that an Elite Athlete needs to be successful, which are the 10 recognized fitness domains (Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy) along with, timing, joint mobility, mental confidence, and of course sport specific skills. Many high school and college strength and conditioning programs in general fall far short in terms of properly preparing athletes for their sports. We on the other hand address all of the needs of each athlete from head to toe and it starts with a proper evaluation

Thousands of athletes worldwide have followed CrossFit and distinguished themselves on the court, course, field or in the ring. Our innovative approach to training ditches the workout machines and gets athletes moving like they’ve never moved before continually improving their athleticism and shattering plateaus. You will not find a better strength and conditioning program that builds upon the necessary fundamentals to make athletes healthier, faster and stronger.


Each component relies on an athlete’s competency in the level(s) below it. For example, you cannot utilize your full Weightlifting potential without establishing a full range of motion with Gymnastic work. Likewise, no conditioning - Metabolic, Gymnastic or otherwise - would be complete without a solid nutritional base.

Sports Training

At CFM, we recommend making strength & conditioning the main weekly focus in the off-season while spending 1-2 days a week on technical aspect of your sport. During preseason, the most effective way to train in preparation for the season is to have an even blend of technique and physical training. When the season finally rolls around, most of the time is obviously spent playing the sport, but we highly encourage our athletes to continue devoting some time each week to strength & conditioning. While the conditioning aspect may not be as key, we feel it's imperative to continue strength training to maintain that competitive edge and prevent any loss of power.

At CFM we build "Athletic Warriors". These workouts give you the Strength, Speed, Agility, Mental Toughness, and Metabolic Conditioning to "Go To War" and emerge Victorious!

Crowell says the players make the league what it is. “We had our share of growing pains, but we’ve always emphasized fun first,” Crowell said. Family was another important element Crowell insisted on. Today wives, girlfriends, parents and their children enjoy watching the games every Saturday at Keopuolani “The Pit” Field. “Now each game is an hour long, we start at 8 a.m. and by 1 o’clock we’re done,” Crowell added. “The other key factor is the rules of the game. Over the years the players have come to learn the rules and respect the game. Part of that success came because we insist on the players serving as officials at least one Saturday on the schedule.”

During the transition from pads to flags, Crowell simply added Flag Football to the Hawaii Football League (HFL) moniker and now since CrossFit Maui is helping out, the name is now CrossFit Maui’s Hawaii Flag Football League. Today many current and former Maui Interscholastic League football players participate, along with others who never got a chance to play high school ball — for whatever reason — also share in the success of the league. The bottom line is, Crowell says, “Football is fun and that’s why we play.”